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CineSticks - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks - ScottyMakesStuff
CineSticks - ScottyMakesStuff



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CineSticks are resistive joysticks that use a specialised design to give you the smooth control that standard little joysticks just aren't capable of.

You'll be able to achieve those cinematic movements such as pans, dollies, tilts and trucks without any of those little jitters that are so hard to avoid with standard joysticks.

We use specialised and super soft silicone rubber to give you the smooth motion you've been dreaming of. But that's not all, we made them with adjustable resistance to take you from soft control up to very firm control and they're so easy to adjust!

The CineSticks come in two lengths - Standard and Long. If considering the Long CineSticks, please read the section on "Which Size CineStick?" below to understand the types of use for each one.

So why do we have these touchy, small joysticks?

When drone flying first started the majority were those homemade FPV drones and when they're raced they needed to be able to turn in microseconds, so it made sense to have such touchy joysticks.

Unfortunately, it seems that nobody at the drone manufacturers ever considered the kind of joysticks that would suit standard consumer drones (cinema drones) so we got lumped with these unsuitable sticks.

Not only are our CineSticks good for cinematic motion, but due to the very deliberate and smooth motion, we've found that newcomers to droning find they can get the hang of things far quicker.

These are made for standard consumer drones (cinema drones) and are not really suitable for FPV drones. It uses the standard 4mm screw to attach.

Which Size CineStick?

The CineSticks come in Regular and Long varieties.

The Regular CineStick is by far the most popular and this is due to its ability to be used similarly to stock joysticks using the thumb, pinch or modified thumb method.

The Modified Thumb method mentioned above cradles your pointer fingers around the CineSticks with the thumb on top. We find this gives the best overall control. 

The Long CineStick is a bit more specialised as it gives even finer control but with some significant limitations. Most pilots except those with large hands will find it difficult to cradle the controller and still pinch the Long CineSticks. For this reason, the Long CineStick is typically used with the controller either on a flat surface or self-supported such as on a neck strap or mounted on a tripod. This way the long CineStick can be used by resting the side of that hand on the top of the controller, giving a firm base to anchor from.

The Combo of 1 Long and 1 Regular Cinestick do give a compromise that can allow the Regular CineStick side hand to support the majority of the controller weight so that the Long CineStick can be used by resting the side of that hand on the controller. Still, the preferred use is with a partially or fully supported controller for best control.

How to use

See below for Cup Style Mounts

To attach the CineSticks, first, make sure that the bolt is fully unscrewed with the 4mm bolt protruding - Just pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew (counter-clockwise) the stick until you get to the end stop. Then pinch the rubber neck and screw (clockwise) into the joystick threaded hole until it stops turning. At this point just continue screw it (clockwise) until you get to your desired resistance.

To increase the firmness/resistance, you just screw down the joystick. To soften/decrease the resistance, pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew the stick. You will need to pull the rubber up so there's no gap between the rubber cap and the stick.

To Remove the CineSticks, just pinch the neck of the silicone rubber and unscrew the rubber a few times to remove it.

Note: When using the CineSticks, particularly at high resistance, letting go of the joysticks may not return to the centre exactly. Instead, you should bring the CineSticks back to the centre and then confirm visually that there is no drift. For controllers that perform a pre-flight stick check, it’s best to start up with the CineSticks at low resistance before increasing resistance. It’s recommended that you store the CineSticks with the resistance off to keep your CineSticks performing at their best.


The CineSticks attach into the 4mm threaded hole, the same way that many detachable joysticks do.

There are undoubtedly more compatible controllers than the following list. These are just the controllers we've tested so far.

Compatible with;

Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, Air 2S, DJI Smart Controller (current model CP.MA.00000080.01), M300 Enterprise Smart Controller.

Compatible with use of the supplied Cup Mount Adapter; (available from July 27th)

Mavic Mini 1, Mini SE, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller (this controller has come with both attachment types so check your sticks to be sure).

For Mavic 2 Series users, the 5D button touches the CineStick rubber when it's moved in that direction. We do have customers who use the CineSticks successfully with the Mavic 2 controller.

You can do two things;- 
  1. turn off the button in your settings while you use the CineSticks.
  2. Cut a small piece of the CineStick rubber away where it bulges out and touches the button.

For all other controllers, please refer to the info above to see if the controller you have has the unscrewable joysticks as described.

For the Phantom, Inspire and Matrice controllers, we are working towards solutions for them too, but that will take a number of weeks before we have finalised and fully tested the designs.

How to tell which mount style you have?

The CineSticks to Cup Mount Adapter (supplied with all CineSticks as a pair for 27th July) takes the CineSticks (based on the current DJI 4mm screw in bolt joystick mounts) and connects them to the previous cup style mounts that have an internal M6x0.75mm thread such as Mavic 2 series and Mini 1.

Current DJI M4 screw type joystick - Cinesticks directly replace this type of Joystick Previous DJI Cup style internal M6x0.75 Thread that requires the cup mount adapter to work with the CineSticks - as above

How to use

To attach the Cup Mount Adapter, first remove the current cup style joysticks. Take the end of the cup mount adapter with the larger opening, and screw it down with your fingers until it's firmly on. Then attach the CineStick directly to the top of the adaptor.



CineSticks Instruction Sheet



12 months


Video Reviews

Video Reviews

The well known Italian Youtube personality, Bighenet, gives his verdict on the new resistive joysticks called CineSticks. 

Italian Drone YouTuber David Ulivelli

 Ernst Markus Kofler

 Hawaiian Drone YouTuber Atort Aerials



What makes our gear special?

Our philosophy

We're constantly driven to find truly functional solutions to empower the gear we all love and use.

The saying "Necessity is the mother of all invention", rings true for how we go about our Product Development. Put simply, when using our gear we often see shortcomings in what's on the market and then we become inspired to design better solutions for us and you.

Working in beautiful sunny Australia we really do love Product Design with a passion! The beautiful but harsh outdoors is the ideal testing ground for much of our gear.



"I just wanted to send you an email to say a big thank you"..."I wanted to share how ‘wowed’ I am!   Not only are your products brilliant and ridiculously good value but I am so knocked out by the business you have created and the way technology has enabled you to do what you do.   I suppose I just wanted to say how brilliant it feels as a customer to be part of what you are doing; you really are inspiring"

East Sussex, UK

"I got home, set it up in a couple of minutes, and started running around with it.   This thing is THE NUTS!!!! WOW!!!   It takes seconds to get used to, and the stabilization is RIDICULOUS!!!   Well over 80%???   100%, so far.   You should be VERY proud!"

London, UK