Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff
Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis - ScottyMakesStuff

Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis


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Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis or Z-Axis

DJI Pocket 2 Compatible!

Smooth out your bumpy Cam footage with a pocket-able Z-Axis specifically designed for small Cams such as the DJI Pocket 2, GoPro’s, Insta 360 OneX, Osmo Action, Palm Fimi as well as the many cased Osmo Pocket 1's including our Osmo Pocket 1 Wireless Cases. 

On the surface, the new Micro Pro 2 looks very similar to the original Micro Pro 1 but under the hood beats the heart of a pure thoroughbred. Finely tuned and significantly more powerful - the Micro Pro 2 excels at smoothing video on small cameras, and much more! Our testing has shown we’ve exceeded our goal with up to 30% smoother footage than the original Micro Pro 1!  

Note: We find the best smoothing for light cams is achieved when combined with one of our counterweight sets. If your cam is 90 to 200 grams then the 220gram Counterweight Set is recommended. If your cam is 200 to 300 grams then the 120gram Counterweight Set is recommended. We have these two sets available in our bundled special offers found in the Bundles tab above. 

Fantastic Review by Roo's Reviews - (BTW, the connector Roo mentions has been stiffened and strengthened since)

Here's a review by the UK Pro Photographer Chris Taylor

Jeff Foster (PxlPainter), Television & Film Pro, reviews our Micro Pro 2 with the brand spanking new Hero 10

A quick before and after using the GoPro from PxlPainter

Review by Red Nemesisdog


Bundles on Special

Choose from the following bundles that we've put together for you. Some items allow you to choose different components such as the Cases.

Occasionally, bundles don't display properly. If this happens then please let us know at customerservice@scottymakesstuff.com


More Details

But we didn’t rest there. We wanted to take it even further with even greater control so that fine-tuning your rig is easier than ever. 

We've made it more compact while increasing its muscle power. The frame is much stronger, and the new custom spring together with a carbon-fibre bolt runner doubles the maximum payload up to 500grams (17.6oz) giving you a recommended minimum to maximum payload for best smoothing from 130grams (4.6oz) to 350grams (12.3oz). This puts it well into the point and shoot territory. What this equates to is a far larger iso-elastic range for much more silky-smooth goodness.

Note: We've been hearing feedback from customers, new to using a 4th axis, who are getting exceptional results using the Pro 2 with a 100g and two 10g counterweights. We tested this combination with the Full Cased Osmo Pocket 1 and we agree with them that it's even easier to get good results! Furthermore, for GoPro and Insta360 One X and other cams under the minimum weight, you will need additional counterweights for best results. For these cams we recommend the 220g set.

Let’s have a look at why we think you’ll find this so indispensable. 

Firstly, we’ve almost completely done away with making adjustments with the Allen key. This was ok for the Pocket Micro as once it was set you rarely needed to make adjustments. But if you’re going between say a GoPro Hero 8 and your Osmo Pocket 1 we’ve now included adjustment knobs to make it quick and easy for you. Adjust the spring tension here and then adjust the bounce damping here.

We’ve also added a two-part fully articulated handle that allows you to shoot in any number of positions from the single handle to the upright balanced position to the smoothest shooting of the inverted mode. With a 360 cam, you can capture those

epic shots while at the same time stabilizing the Z axis. Or, just use it as a stabilized selfie stick to give your Pocket a wider angle for your vlogging.

We've got plenty of experience making 4th Axis or Z-Axis stabilizers for bigger rigs so we knew we could come up with a great solution that not only worked great but was also still compact. After a lot of prototypes, we've been able to craft a solution that exceeded all our expectations and we're so excited to share it with you! 

We are the innovators

Common Z-Axis stabilizers have a problem. When speeding up or slowing down, those z-axes can bounce uncontrollably, making parts of the footage unusable. Back when we started there were no handheld Z-Axis stabilizers with bounce damping and as such, they had a bad rep among the pros. That's when we designed our proprietary fluid damping system that gave us the edge in effective smoothing.

All our stabilizers (even including our Micro Pro 2 -  4th Axis) have adjustable bounce damping built-in. This takes a little longer to get used to than spring only stabilizers but once you get the hang of things you'll find the results are far superior. 

We've packed so much into this little package - here are some more great features:-

  • It has two brass 1/4-20 attachment points for mounting to a tripod, monopod or even to attach gear like audio, micro lighting or even a battery pack!
  • Why not put your Micro Pro 2 - 4th Axis on the end of a Mono-pod for those faux crane shots or to discreetly get above the crowd in a show! 
  • You can invert the handle and easily get that creative dog's eye shooting angle without having to bend over!

Specs Etc.

What's in the Box:

  • Micro Pro 2 - 4th axis Stabilizer with 1/4-20 mount
  • 2mm Allen key
  • Quickstarts Guide

Note: All accessories displayed are for the purpose of demonstration of the potential uses and not included with the Micro Pro 2.

Guides and Downloads

Quick Start Guide Download



24 months


Weight  239 grams (8.4 Ounces)
Payload Range 100 to 500 grams (3.5 - 17.6 Ounces)

Recommended Payload Range


150 to 400 grams (5.3 - 14.1 Ounces)

Note: For ultralight rigs up to 150g we recommend the 220g counterweight set for smoothest results and for rigs weighing from 150g to 250g we recommend the 120g counterweight set for smoothest results.

Operating Temperatures -50C to 65C (-24F to 150F)

What makes our gear special?

Our philosophy

We're constantly driven to find truly functional solutions to empower the gear we all love and use.

The saying "Necessity is the mother of all invention", rings true for how we go about our Product Development. Put simply, when using our gear we often see shortcomings in what's on the market and then we become inspired to design better solutions for us and you.

Working in beautiful sunny Australia we really do love Product Design with a passion! The beautiful but harsh outdoors is the ideal testing ground for much of our gear.



"I just wanted to send you an email to say a big thank you"..."I wanted to share how ‘wowed’ I am!   Not only are your products brilliant and ridiculously good value but I am so knocked out by the business you have created and the way technology has enabled you to do what you do.   I suppose I just wanted to say how brilliant it feels as a customer to be part of what you are doing; you really are inspiring"

East Sussex, UK

"I got home, set it up in a couple of minutes, and started running around with it.   This thing is THE NUTS!!!! WOW!!!   It takes seconds to get used to, and the stabilization is RIDICULOUS!!!   Well over 80%???   100%, so far.   You should be VERY proud!"

London, UK