We are an Australian manufacturer producing our own designs and shipping our products from our Factory in NSW. Australia. We ship direct to our customers all around the world. In fact, 94% of our sales are international.

All stocked items are typically packaged ready for dispatch within 1-2 business days unless the item is a special order item.

Due to the sometimes uncertain nature of international shipping, the delivery timeframes are not guaranteed but there to give a general indication of the relative time-frames compared to the other services. Courier shipping time-frames are mostly at least double their quoted shipping times. Please also take into consideration the following info when deciding which shipping options you choose. 

Courier & AirMail Options

We offer a range of international and domestic Courier Services for speedy and efficient delivery as well as the budget option of the much slower Standard AirMail.


Apart from the consistent tracking and reliable service you expect from couriers, you'll also see much faster entry into countries as they quickly handle their own Customs entry, unlike AirMail which is processed by Customs themselves.

One issue with couriers is their unrealistic estimated timeframes. Those timeframes on our website are automatically generated from the couriers and unfortunately, we can't change that.

Aramex and Fastway do pickups the day that we have them packaged and their tracking starts from pickup.UPS uses a third-party courier to uplift to the Sydney UPS Distribution Centre. The pickups are daily at lunchtime AEST. It takes 2 -3 business days before the orders are scanned in Sydney and this is when you will first see actual movement in you tracking. After your shipment leaves Australia, you'll find it will get to you quite quickly. 

Most other couriers are next day pickups and like UPS generally only show tracking movement once they are scanned in Sydney while they are getting ready for departure.

Occasionally, we find that a courier that you've selected, won't ship to your address when we start processing your order. In this case we will select a courier of similar value that services your address.

Standard AirMail - Estimated international delivery speeds

Standard Airmail uses Australia Post to get your package to Sydney where it is handed over to a third party for the freight to your country. At the handover point, we don't see any tracking until your Customs Service hands the package over to your countries mail service.

What happens typically, is the third party delivers the package to your countries International Freight Arrivals.

Fun Fact: While actually being within your country's border, until it has been cleared by customs, your package is officially in an international zone.

After arrival, most countries place your package into Quarantine as a measure to prevent their Customs staff from contracting the Coronavirus while clearing foreign goods. This quarantine period depends on your country but it could be just days and in some cases a number of weeks. 

Estimated international delivery speeds for Standard AirMail

These estimates are a rough guide and shipping conditions and speeds can change without notice. They don't include the time spent getting to Sydney as well as the time spent in Quarantine and Customs in your country.

For the most up to date delivery speeds please see the following link

Please bare in mind that time spent in Customs Quarantine is not included in this table.

Zone Country Standard Airmail

Zone 1:

New Zealand

New Zealand


6-12 business days

Zone 2:




10-20 business days

Zone 3:

Rest of Asia

Hong Kong2, 4


12-19 business days



17-25 business days



8-18 business days



10-20 business days



7-17 business days



6-15 business days



7-17 business days



10-20 business days



7-17 business days

Zone 4:

USA & Canada



10-20 business days



10-20 business days

Zone 5:
Pacific Islands


12-18 business days



12-18 business days

Cook Islands


12-18 business days



12-18 business days



12-18 business days



12-18 business days



12-18 business days



12-18 business days



12-18 business days

New Caledonia


12-18 business days



12-18 business days

Papua New Guinea


12-18 business days



12-18 business days

Solomon Islands


12-18 business days

Sri Lanka


12-18 business days

Timor Leste


12-18 business days



12-18 business days



12-18 business days

Zone 6:

UK & Ireland



9-15 business days

Ireland2, 3


12-25 business days

Zone 7:

Major Europe



9-20 business days



9-20 business days



9-20 business days



9-20 business days



9-20 business days



9-20 business days



9-20 business days



9-20 business days


Due to the worldwide effects that Covid-19 has had on shipping times these guidelines may differ. Recently, courier pick-ups have taken 2 to 4 days due to Covid-19 measures. For this reason we cannot guarantee any quoted delivery time-frame.
The estimated shipping times generated are optimistic to say the least. Most courier shipments that quote around 2 to 5 business days are taking at least twice as long due to Covid-19 slowdowns. Couriers quoting 6+ days tend to not be as overstated though in the current pandemic, you still need to be prepared for around a doubling of the delivery time-frames.
We thank you for your kind patience during this difficult global time.


We often get asked if we sell via Amazon or local distributors, but the markup that these middlemen add to the price is too much so we decided to deal direct, factory to you, to bring the costs down.


Recent changes to the way that worldwide Customs services process shipments valued under $1000 has meant that in many countries, there will be import duties for you to pay before your shipment is delivered. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.